REBELINGO is a pilot project for German-learners

The first 1-day-event took place on June 24th 2017.

REBELINGO is a pilot project for German-learners. Several German-learning-events took place since June 24th 2017. Further open-air-events will follow. We meet at unusual places and learn German. We learn grammar, phonetics and conversation. Moreover, we play games, discover the city and learn new things.

Very sooon, longer REBELINGO-courses will take place, with more surprises to come. And in a course of time, there will be a REBELINGO-school.

German Crash Course

Upcoming German Crash Courses

Saturday, October 27 at 10 AM – 2 PM
Saturday, November 24 at 10 AM – 2 PM
Frankfurt am Main (secret meeting point)

Do you want to improve your German?
Are you tired of boring German classes?
Do you like having fun, doing new stuff and challenging yourself?
Are you between 18 and 100 years old?


  • a German crash course in a small group (4-8 people)
  • you will improve your pronounciation
  • you will improve your grammar a little
  • you will learn to talk
  • 4 hours of action, fun, surprise, sightseeing and challenges:
  • you will see a museum or two
  • you might learn and see new things
  • you will play games


  • comfortable clothes
  • 60¬†euros

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