Learning a language while using public spaces

What‘s more rebellious than that? „REBEL“ stands for “courageous”, “bold”, “alternative”. “LINGO” stands for “language”, “speech”, “foreign”.

German Crash Course

Do you want to improve your German?

Are you tired of boring German classes?

Do you like having fun, doing new stuff and challenging yourself?

Are you between 18 and 100 years old?

24 August

German Crash Course

August 24, 2019 Frankfurt 60 
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28 September

German Crash Course

September 28, 2019 Frankfurt 60 
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26 October

German Crash Course

October 26, 2019 Frankfurt 60 
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30 November

German Crash Course

November 30, 2019 Frankfurt 60 
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Rebelingo German Crash Course

You will encounter the German language in a real environment, in a small group. In a museum, you‘ll search for new words and learn them in context. In a café, you‘ll be challenged with a real conversation. In a library, surrounded by books, you‘ll learn grammar, no way around it. You‘ll learn pronunciation while doing yoga. And you‘ll chat with others while drinking tea under the trees in a park.  Working in teams or autonomously, you‘ll help each other and get creative. You‘ll quickly get a feel for the language and a hunger for more.

About Rebelingo

Many of us play games. We all like to play – even those who claim they don’t. Why? Because we strive to have fun: while winning, while exploring, while solving a problem, and while sharing. „Gamification“ and „immersion“ are the core terms around which the REBELINGO-idea revolves. Immersion is widely said to be the most effective way to learn a language. And it‘s a lot of fun!

REBELINGO is a pilot project for German-learners. Several German-learning-events took place since June 24th 2017. Further open-air-events will follow. We meet at unusual places and learn German. We learn grammar, phonetics and conversation. Moreover, we play games, discover the city and learn new things.

Very sooon, longer REBELINGO-courses will take place, with more surprises to come. And in a course of time, there will be a REBELINGO-school.

German Crash Course


Kateryna Mysak
Translator, M.A.

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