About Rebelingo

Many of us play games. We all like to play – even those who claim they don’t. Why? Because we strive to have fun: while winning, while exploring, while solving a problem, and while sharing. „Gamification“ and „immersion“ are the core terms around which the REBELINGO-idea revolves. Immersion is widely said to be the most effective way to learn a language. And it‘s a lot of fun!

REBELINGO is an innovative concept for German-learners. Several German-learning-events took place since June 24th 2017. Further open-air-events will follow. We meet at unusual places and learn German. We learn grammar, phonetics and conversation. Moreover, we play games, discover the city and learn new things.

Learning a language while using public spaces.
What‘s more rebellious than that?

REBEL stands for courageous, bold, alternative. LINGO stands for language, speechforeign.

Rebelingo Crash Courses

Do you want to improve your German?

Are you tired of boring German classes?

Do you like having fun, doing new stuff and challenging yourself?

Are you between 18 and 100 years old?

This is Kateryna. She comes from Odessa. Her parents taught her Russian. She grew up learning Ukrainian, English and French at school. Later, she studied English and German at a university, until she decided to leave for Germany. She was 19 then. In Stuttgart, she met the first real German and practiced her language skills. In Leipzig, she studied translation and lived in a WG. In Frankfurt, she was sharing her love and knowledge of German with Rica, Vincenzo and many others. Finally, Kateryna moved to Berlin in 2019 and founded REBELINGO.