Upcoming German Crash Courses

Learning a language while using public spaces.


Caramelo Del Belair 

“Rebelingo is a unique and innovative way to learn German language easily while having fun, attending events, discovering new things and getting to to know more people! I really recommend it, especially if you are thinking of moving to Germany and wanna learn the language AND adapt to your new environment.”


Marcela Chaparro M.

“A very special way to show you how to discover connections, inside and outside you, through foraign languages! Try it, you will not regret it!”


Amit Ramkissoon 

“Was just perfect and what I needed to get prepared for my test! Thanks Kata.”


Renata M.

“Really fun day learning German and getting to know Frankfurt!”


Costina Barbu

“For people who like to have fun but gotta learn German.”