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Saint-Tropez, ein geheimnisvoller Ort.

Welcome to the Saint-Tropez-Buzz! Glad you are here. Have you ever been to France? Maybe also at the south coast? If so, you might have seen this little town, Saint-Tropez. I would like to invite you to a little session dedicated to this marvelous place.

Here, you will listen to a little essay in German. Try to dive into the mood. Then listen again and try to understand as much as possible. Look up the new words. After that, you will answer some general questions to the text. Then, you will see the text and hear it, so you can read aloud and practice pronunciation. After that, you will get some more questions and other tasks, all based on the text.

Enjoy the ride! Hope you like it. And if there is something you want to share with me, let me know. You will find my e-mail on the website.

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  • Skill level A2
  • Language English
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  • Assessments Yes
This is Kateryna. She comes from Odessa. Her parents taught her Russian. She grew up learning Ukrainian, English and French at school. Later, she studied English and German at a university, until she decided to leave for Germany. She was 19 then. In Stuttgart, she met the first real German and practiced her language skills. In Leipzig, she studied translation and lived in a WG. In Frankfurt, she was sharing her love and knowledge of German with Rica, Vincenzo and many others. Finally, Kateryna moved to Berlin in 2019 and founded REBELINGO.


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